Reading while fat, part 2

It’s too common to be surprising, but it still stings when I can’t even read a book without being othered.

I was reading The Winter of Our Disconnect–an otherwise thoughtful and well-written book, which I’ll probably write more about later–when I came across the following passage:

Many morbidly obese individuals eat three times a day. It’s not how often they eat that creates problems. It’s what they put on their plate. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that the epidemic John Naish calls “infobesity” works in much the same way.

Those few lines snapped me out of my engaged, absorbed state and into one of frustration. Frustration with the assumption–despite all evidence to the contrary–that fat people eat more than thin people do. With the pathologizing of bodies like mine. With the casual use of fatness as a metaphor for social ills.

I have only one response to that bullshit:

Pinkie Pie is my hero.

Sidenote: I hate the phrase “morbidly obese,” and much prefer “mordantly obese.”

One thought on “Reading while fat, part 2

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