Friday links 9/28/12

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The internet is full of interesting this week. So I present you ALL THE LINKS.

-There’s a new issue of Volup2 magazine out! It’s full of beauty–all kinds of beauty, not the narrow version represented in mainstream media. Also, you can support Volup2 on Kickstarter to help make the next issue possible.
-Through Volup2, I found the pure fascinator porn that is Pearls and Swine.
-Wonderful geekery in video form: Hank Green’s song about Tetris.
-Speaking of the Vlogbrothers, a German TV station did a touching interview with John about The Fault in Our Stars. (Which, btw, you should read if you haven’t already.)
-Ragen writes about the bullshit that is conflating “obesity” with eating disorders.
When more curvy people practice yoga…
It’s hard enough to be a fat kid without the government telling you you’re an epidemic. Those ads…wow. Just wow. (Also, don’t read the comments. XOJane comments can be really good sometimes, but these ones….are not.)

…and a delicious banana-split-flavored cupcake!

One degree of separation: there is no “them” and “us”
-On a similar note, this is a must-read: I was a welfare mother.
-On the myth that well-known writers come out of nowhere
-Jill from Feministe argues thoughtfully for the moral case for sex before marriage. Yes, yes, yes to all of it.
-Good advice (with velociraptors, of course): Increase your awesomeness stats! Blogging for people too cool for traffic.
-This is something that really appeals to me: Chasing a dream around the world.
A gorgeous custom cupcake hat

Pretty wine bottle in a friend’s kitchen

-A beautiful piece on mentoring, solidarity, and the problems with extreme competitiveness
This bride’s floral hairpiece is amazing. Also, love the sequined bridesmaid dresses!
Christian rhetoric in food policing
-People with disabilities are not here for your inspiration.

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