The Metro: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Why do I read the Metro? Well….it’s free. And sometimes it has interesting tidbits, like the BU charity story I posted about yesterday.

Today, as usual, it was a mixed bag.

The Good

Nicki Minaj wearing ALL THE PINK. I’ve never heard her music, but damn, if that lady doesn’t have a kickass style.

The Bad

You know how much I love the ’90s. And Gwen Stefani was one of my main girl-crushes/style inspirations back in the day. But this article about how to get a body like hers is just kind of ridiculous. You know how she gets that body? Genetics, luck, and a shit-ton of money and time that very few non-celebrities can afford. Oh, and Photoshop.

Also, this?

Check out No Doubt’s newest video — “Settle Down” — and you’ll see that Stefani looks more like 22 than 42. “The only way to appear naturally younger is to lead a balanced lifestyle,” says Heatlie. “If you carry excess weight and have too much stress in your life, it will start to show on your face, making you look older than you are.”

Really? Fat makes you look older? I’ll keep that in mind next time someone asks if I just graduated from college. (Caveat: I know that not all college students are 18-22. But people frequently think I’m a lot younger than I am.)

I do kinda like this graphic, though. How often do you see workout cartoon-people in plaid pants?

The Ugly

Great, now Boston has our own version of People of Walmart.

Because people who dare to be fat (or have thinning hair or visible bra straps) on public transportation are so high-larious.

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