Friday Links 9/21/12

A pink petticoat on a rack at Artifaktori

-Heather from Fat Girl Posing posts a gorgeous photoshoot featuring a cupcake dress and headband. It pretty much sums up my aesthetic in a nutshell (cupcakeshell?).
How to shop for Native American fashion ethically and blissfully
-This is interesting, and complicated, and relates to a lot of stuff I’ve been thinking about: Why I am dropping the business side of blogging: my truth about making money online
How to get candy-colored hair – some good advice in here. I so, so miss having pink hair.
-A beautiful open letter from a fat, trans son to his fat father

And a lovely vintage hat

-Someday I really want to go to Tokyo, especially Sanrio Puroland.
– “I am so goth I was born black.”
-Kelly Osbourne is thinking about starting a plus size clothing line, which would be awesome.
-A righteous rant from Melissa at Shakesville about the bullshit “obesity epidemic” blame game. I especially like this comparison:

Following is a “round table” about how fat people are a drain on society blah blah yawn “these expanding waistlines will translate into billions of dollars of health care costs.” Allegedly. What will certainly translate into billions of dollars of health care costs is an aging populace, although there are precious few articles on CNN or anywhere else wondering who is to blame for aging or how to stop it, despite the fact it makes approximately the same amount of sense to tell people to stop aging as it does to tell them to stop being fat.

-A powerful meditation on poverty, greed, and opportunity.
-I don’t wear tights, but those of you who do might find this useful: A semi-comprehensive 2012 guide to tights for fat asses
-A lovely Crown & Glory lookbook that  makes me want to start wearing leopard ears again (I got mine from Hot Topic in high school!)
A Marie Antoinette-style gothic fairytale
-This pumpkin mac n’ cheese recipe looks delicious.

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