Men’s fa(t)shion

I strongly believe that fa(t)shion should not be exclusively the province of women. Fa(t)shion should be for everyone.

Most of this blog reflects my fairly femme fashion sense, but I want to give a shoutout to men and people who enjoy a masculine style. Here are a few men wearing clothing that I like, and some clothing and accessories aimed at men.

Junya’s outfit is all-around awesome:

I love the military jackets on the groom and groomsmen at Rachel and Karl’s wedding, photographed by Lakshal Perera:

La Carmina came across this epic steampunkery at a German goth festival:

And she met a guy with a really interesting hairstyle in New York:

I love this leopard suit from Fruits.

I wish guys in Boston dressed like this!

Michael at His Black Dress deconstructs the meaning of “men’s” vs. “women’s” fashion in style.

An old picture from Hot Topic‘s website – “pink is the new black.” Yes, yes it is.

And now for the clothing/accessories. Starting with steampunk ponies!

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