Contra prom!

I’ve been meaning to post these for a while–here they are, finally! These pictures are from contra prom, an annual event at my local contra dance.

What is contra, you may ask? No, it’s not a videogame, and there are no Nicaraguan guerillas involved. It’s a type of folk dance, which you can learn more about here.

The contra prom is a a regular dance where everyone dresses up for fun. It’s a great excuse to get all fancy, admire everyone else’s outfits, and take pictures.Β All of these were taken by my fellow dancer and awesome photographer, Jeremy Perlman.

Lots and lots of pictures below the cut!

My dress was a lucky find–I got it on eBay for $13, including shipping! I had a black and white dress from Dress Barn that I’d gotten at Re/Dress NYC the year before (which I will post about soon), and decided to look online for other Dress Barn dresses in the same size. That strategy worked out well. And what could I wear with the dress but my pink Domino Dollhouse petticoat, and the giant pink poofy fascinator I’d just gotten at So Good?

The weather was disgustingly hot and muggy. We were all so sweaty, but we don’t look it–thanks to either our magical powers, Jeremy’s photography skills, or both.

Have I ever mentioned that my friends are both creatively ridiculous and ridiculously creative?

Best photobomb ever.

The traditional prom pose

We got two pictures each of all the men and all the ladies, but forgot to take one of everyone! Oops.

Twirling: the best part of contra.

5 thoughts on “Contra prom!

  1. a) Thank you for reminding me to come and look at how adorable you are
    b) oh my god you’re so adorable
    c) please stop being so adorable you’re like a nuclear explosion of kittens
    d) that dress is insane. pure floral colorful class. and the accessories are perfect.

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