Friday links 9/7/2012

The view on my lunch break

Best fashion advice ever: Wear a fluffy petticoat under all your skirts for fall
Lots of lovely lacy plus size pretties
Lesley reflects on plus size clothing for kids
I want to live in this house.
Gorgeous art staircases

Study finds that calorie restriction doesn’t prolong life in monkeys
A really interesting new model of publishing, right here in Massachusetts
What to say if your best friend tells you she was raped
A really powerful essay on pregnancy, abortion, and choices.

And I love, love, love this paragraph from a comment by Other Becky on Captain Awkward:

LW [Letter Writer], your body is amazing. It can do wonderfully and weirdly complex things, like bend and move and oxygenate your blood. It can break down food and extract nutrients and vitamins from it. (Imagine trying to get the vitamin C out of an orange — you’d need a non-trivial chemistry lab, but your body does it without even breaking stride.) It can use sugar and salt to make electricity. It is astounding, and it is the only one you get, and nobody should badmouth it. Criticizing people’s bodies is like disparaging the best book ever written just because you personally are not crazy about the cover art. I’d feel sorry for people whose worlds are so limited and frightening if I weren’t so busy being mad at them.

Hear, hear.

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