OOTD, and Rock N’ Roll Bride Magazine!

Wheee! The 2nd issue of the Rock n’ Roll Bride magazine, which I received as a birthday present, just came in the mail. 🙂 It’s full of pink and shiny, and creative weddings. And DIY rainbow petticoats.

I based this outfit loosely on the color scheme of the magazine’s cover.


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Saturday links: better late than never


Sorry for the late links–this week I had a temp job that kept me busy, and didn’t have quite as much time as usual for blogging. But I’m making up for it now!

The above Polyvore collage is by author Francesa Lia Block, via Chubble Bubble. I haven’t read her books, but I think the idea of fashion collages based on characters is really cool. And of course I love all the pinkness.

Owning My Food Crazy – a thoughtful reflection on HAES, unintentional weight loss, and restrictive compulsions, written by my college friend Shoshie.

The Fat Nutritionist: Food and Exercise Are Not Matter and Anti-Matter

Hello Kitty “KittyRobot” Exhibition in Tokyo !!

Does Blogging Encourage Bad Financial Behavior? This is, unfortunately, so true. I love fa(t)shion blogging, but it definitely has a dangerous side effect of constant desire for shiny things. I try to take breaks when I feel myself slipping too far into must-have territory, but it’s not easy to strike the right balance.

On life and dreams: a ramble

I aspire to be glamorous like Kat Williams and La Carmina: to wear vintage dresses and get paid to travel the world. To make magazines. To go on adventures with kindred fa(t)shion spirits in party dresses, petticoats, and pink hair.

I aspire to inspire other fat girls and women like Tess Munster. To create badass images of fat beauty. To show them they, too, can be beautiful.

I aspire to walk in the woods, full of wonder, like Mary Oliver. To live by the ocean, to wander the tidal flats, to dive deep into the blue mystery that is life.

I aspire to tell my truths, like Cheryl Strayed. To crack hearts open in the best way. To write with both brutality and kindness.

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Why I blog about fatshion

My fabulous Fat necklace

The other day, a few of my friends were discussing people they’d known in high school. Apparently the ones who’d been conventionally attractive then are now fat and ugly. And there was one girl who used to be fat, lost about 70 pounds, and looks great. “She was always pretty, but now she’s stunning!”

I hate it. I hate the automatic assumption that thinner is better, that “getting fat” is inherently bad. I hate that if I suddenly lost a large amount of weight, people would compliment me left and right–like they did when I was dieting in college. I hate that those same people would consider me less attractive now.

This is why I blog.

To counter the 386,170 fat-negative messages per year that we are all bombarded with.

To take up space, without apology.

To define beauty on my own terms.

To question cultural assumptions.

To do my part, however small, in changing them.


Tess Munster, a kickass plus-size model whose every move I follow on Facebook, recently posted the following status:

nothing like going to a mall to remind you it’s so much cheaper to dress cute when you are skinny. The amount of time & money that goes info looking fashionable (or even decent) past a size 18 is ridiculous. It’s almost as if we are being punished for being big. I hope women who are smaller remember that when they are complaining about the prices of their clothes. Yes, we have affordable options, but not enough.

It’s so true, and so frustrating. I’ve found the same thing in thrift stores–occasionally I get lucky, but there’s so much more interesting, funky, colorful clothing in straight sizes.

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Friday links

Brought to you by a winged llamacorn (source)

Rainbow shoes! via Offbeat Bride.

Gorgeous upcycled textiles from around the world.

21 Reasons Olympic Gymnastics Is Cooler Than You Think

An incredibly fabulous photoshoot, full of rhinestones, giant bows, feathers, an awesome pink- and purple-streaked braid, and some very poofy petticoats.

Pac Man eye makeup! Yes, you read that correctly.

Happy weekend!