Friday Links

Lots of good stuff on the internet this week.

-Ragen takes down People of Wal-Mart and the bullshit idea of fat “catching up with” people.
Awesome fatkini pics from Fat Girl Posing.
White, slim, and pretty: but what about me? A hearty YES to all of this.
-Nine real, non-victim-blamey self-defense tips.
This dad kicks ass.
-Apparently it’s now illegal to be fat in Japan. Boooo.
The joys and sorrows of being a fat foreign girl in China.

Badass fatties representing.
A wonderful meditation on adulthood from Marianne Kirby.
Friendships, breakups, and poetry.
GORGEOUS photos. I especially love the Fairycake Godmother!
-I love ALL the fashion in this post. Maybe I need to get into anime?
-Sparkly flapper dresses? Yes please! Super-excited for the new Evans line coming out tomorrow.

Happy weekend! 🙂

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