A Day in Pictures: My 27th birthday party

Today is my birthday! Huzzah!

I had a party on Saturday, which consisted of 1.) hanging out at my place (originally supposed to be a beach party, but it was rainy and cold), 2.) dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, and 3.) hanging out at my place again, dressed as characters from Firefly. There was Cards Against Humanity, a Dr. Horrible singalong, and much general merriment. The hanging-outage continued into the next day with an informal brunch, dinner, and Spaceballs-watching.

In summary: my friends are wonderful, creative, and geeky. I am lucky to have such awesome people in my life.

Yup, that’s a Hello Kitty tiara. $1 at Claire’s!

My friend Molly gave me a stress cupcake!

Me and Steve, and a delicious mojito-flavored milkshake. 🙂

Me, Kelley, and the giant Hello Kitty-encrusted cupcake

And so begins the Firefly costumifying.

We had Jayne, River, Mal, Inara, Wash, and Badger. Unfortunately, though, no Zoe, Kaylee, Simon, Book, or YoSaffBridge. I had been tempted to replicate Kaylee’s pink shindig dress, but Inara was so much easier.

Mal and Badger face off

Playing Cards Against Humanity

“Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!”

The next morning: challah french toast with peaches

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