Saturday links: better late than never


Sorry for the late links–this week I had a temp job that kept me busy, and didn’t have quite as much time as usual for blogging. But I’m making up for it now!

The above Polyvore collage is by author Francesa Lia Block, via Chubble Bubble. I haven’t read her books, but I think the idea of fashion collages based on characters is really cool. And of course I love all the pinkness.

Owning My Food Crazy – a thoughtful reflection on HAES, unintentional weight loss, and restrictive compulsions, written by my college friend Shoshie.

The Fat Nutritionist: Food and Exercise Are Not Matter and Anti-Matter

Hello Kitty “KittyRobot” Exhibition in Tokyo !!

Does Blogging Encourage Bad Financial Behavior? This is, unfortunately, so true. I love fa(t)shion blogging, but it definitely has a dangerous side effect of constant desire for shiny things. I try to take breaks when I feel myself slipping too far into must-have territory, but it’s not easy to strike the right balance.

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