OOTD: Punkish purple and the Garment District

I don’t know why, but I’ve been feeling monochromatic lately. Here are some pictures of my foray into all-purple:

tank top: Target, capris: Tripp NYC via the Big Thrifty, headband: not sure, necklace: gifted, studded rose brooch: Claires, spike wristband: Hot Topic, studded wristband: PacSun

Then my boyfriend and I went to the Garment District/Boston Costume, in search of supervillain gloves. (Why? I can’t tell you yet….mwahahaha.) We didn’t find the gloves, but I did have fun trying on pink rhinestone glasses:

…and a pink floppy hat:

…and hanging out in the subway-car corner:

I had changed into a black skirt mid-day, and I think I like the outfit better that way.

I also spotted some costumes that I would totally wear as regular clothing. Neither was in stock in plus sizes, but the Garment District/Boston Costume carries other plus size clothing from the same brand (including the fabulous purple flapper dress I bought there last year), so it would probably be possible to get them.

This one is supposed to be a Marie Antoinette costume, but it looks more Lolita to me. It would look great with chunky white Mary Janes.

This one is a burlesque costume. I love the little pom-poms!

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