Tess Munster, a kickass plus-size model whose every move I follow on Facebook, recently posted the following status:

nothing like going to a mall to remind you it’s so much cheaper to dress cute when you are skinny. The amount of time & money that goes info looking fashionable (or even decent) past a size 18 is ridiculous. It’s almost as if we are being punished for being big. I hope women who are smaller remember that when they are complaining about the prices of their clothes. Yes, we have affordable options, but not enough.

It’s so true, and so frustrating. I’ve found the same thing in thrift stores–occasionally I get lucky, but there’s so much more interesting, funky, colorful clothing in straight sizes.

Just yesterday, I was in the Great Eastern Trading Company, a vintage/consignment store in Cambridge. You’d think this store was made for me–it’s a haven of sequins, tulle, and ruffles–except almost none of their clothing comes in my size. It’s so frustrating to see racks of gorgeous dresses for $5-10, all in straight sizes. There was a baby blue sequined party dress, a hot pink shiny prom dress, a vintage ’80s prom dress with a black velvet skirt and poofy white sleeves…

I also happened to be at the Garment District a few days ago, and found a gorgeous pink and orange prom dress with a full tulle skirt, size 10, for only $14.

It drives me crazy that there are all these cheap, fabulous dresses out there, but if I want something poofy/frilly/covered in tulle, I have to buy it online for hundreds of dollars. It drives me crazy that my straight-sized friends can just walk into a thrift store and buy a prom dress for contra prom (what is contra prom, you may ask?…there will be a post about it soon!), while I have to scour the internet.

It does take so much more effort to look good–let alone fashionable, let alone unique–when you wear a plus size. It takes effort, and time, and money, and the hassle of buying clothing online and then returning what doesn’t fit. If I could get prom dresses for under $20? I’d be wearing them daily, with sneakers and studded wristbands. I’d be rocking the shit out of everything lacy, glittery, vintage, funky.

I have some great clothing, but I feel like my wardrobe is more boring than it should be–more boring than it would be, if I wore straight sizes. And I am not ok with that.

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