Ode to Lisa Frank

Guys. Guys. Remember Lisa Frank??

This explains my love of flower crowns and rainbow tutus.

There’s a new interview with her that’s been going around the blogosphere.

Whichgoose posted the above picture on Facebook, and whoaaa, did it bring me back. I loved everything Lisa Frank throughout elementary school. Back-to-school shopping was a great excuse for acquiring folders and notebooks with different designs.

And the stickers. Oh, the stickers.

There was something so magical about her colorful world, a world in which unicorns with rainbow manes frolicked on clouds.

As I got older, I moved on to the “cool” cartoons like Hello Kitty, Rainbow Brite, and the Care Bears. But my love of Lisa Frank’s psychedelic rainbowland was dormant, just waiting to pop back up full-force.

It turns out Lisa Frank makes clothing now, and I kind of want this t-shirt.

Puppies! Wearing tiaras and sunglasses! On a rainbow heart!

It goes up to an XXL, which might either fit or be way too small, depending on the vagaries of brand and sizing. Bah, ridiculously arbitrary and non-standardized women’s sizing…but I can always dream that someday I’ll have rainbowy goodness splashed across my chest.

Speaking of rainbowy goodness, here are a few pictures I found that remind me of the Lisa Frank aesthetic:

Rainbow bangs = best trend ever.

Everything about these outfits makes me happy.

3 thoughts on “Ode to Lisa Frank

  1. I squealed when I saw your blog post! I have a lisa frank stationary set, of the bunnies featured here. Rainbows are my absolute favorite and your post made me smile instantly.

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