Fashion inspiration from mainstream mags

As you might guess, I’m not the biggest fan of mainstream fashion magazines. But every once in a while, I flip through one and come across something genuinely interesting.

I saw this fabulous headpiece in a friend’s Marie Claire:

I am 100% in favor of giant flowers.

Then, at the gym today (free three-day pass! Huzzah!), I found this gorgeous image in an issue of Vogue. I love everything about it: the dress, the statement jewelry, the lace gloves, the crown of real flowers.


And a close-up:

The necklace and earrings are gorgeous (although, like most things found in magazines, they cost thousands of dollars).

I was also happy to see this ridiculously pink…dress? Coat? Blob? Whatever it is, it’s fun. If you cut it off at the waist, I’d probably wear the bottom half.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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