Shoes! Pretty, pretty shoes.

These Irregular Choice shoes are gorgeous.

Like a flower crown for your feet.

I don’t know how anyone can walk in them, though. I really don’t get this super-high-shoes-with-no-heel trend.

Seriously, I don’t get it. How…how does it work?

I don’t even wear regular heels, with rare exceptions, because walking is my main form of transportation and I generally like to avoid pain. Sadly, this leads to me wearing the same pair of sandals in two different colors all summer, and the same pair of pretty but basic black Mary Janes all winter. (We will not even speak of the ugly but incredibly comfortable sneakers that I wear all year round. What I wouldn’t give to have Converses fit me!)

Maybe I should just start gluing fake flowers onto all my shoes…

I did try painting an old pair of MJs with pink glitter and mod podge, but when I started wearing them, the glitter coating cracked.

Could shoe clips be the answer to my footwear blahs? I’ve seen some pretty ones on Etsy, and they seem like a good way to add oomph to boring shoes.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Hot Shocking Pink Chiffon Rose Flower Clips from JPBeads:

Camille handmade bouquet of flower shoe clips from Chloe and Maddie:

Mint Green Fabric Flower shoe clips, also from Chloe and Maddie:

Pretty Sparkle Pink Bow shoe clips from Pixel & Hank:

Hot Pink Crystal Leopard Bow shoe clips from Fink Shop:

Are there any other flat-footed/wide-footed/comfort-loving fa(t)shionistas out there with an unrequited love for shoes? What ways have you found to jazz up your feet?

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