ArtBeat and OOTD

On Saturday, I checked out ArtBeat, one of the many awesome festivals in Somerville. The weather was beautiful, perfect for wandering around and taking in all the creativity.

Posing with a vendor’s parasol, which she said she got at the Christmas Tree shops for $4, and which I am now on a mission to acquire

One of the vendor booths

An art installation made of paper butterflies with traditional song lyrics written on them, to be dispersed throughout the crowd

Wearing my song-butterfly, which turned out to be “The Leaving of Liverpool”



Yes it is.

I also met an artist who makes fabulous fascinators and jewelery, which I’ll post about separately. For now, here are my outfit pictures. My hair is in my face because I was trying to cover up a face painting that didn’t quite go with the look.

Tank top: Target, skirt: Kohl’s, necklace: Buffalo Exchange, studded wristband: Macy’s, rainbow bangle: So Good, hairclips: Claire’s, zipper earrings: the Brookline Booksmith

The tank top and skirt are both among my favorite pieces of clothing, as they’re both comfortable and versatile. I got the tank top a year or two ago (wish I’d bought it in more colors!), and I’ve had the skirt since…2004? It’s one of those magic pieces of clothing that fits me at any size, and I love it.

I came across this ring in my closet the other day. I had forgotten I had it, and was glad to find it! I think I’ve had it since high school.

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