Fabulous finds, pink and geeky edition

How cool are these Pac-Man ghost ponchos??

:-). That’s all I have to say.

Speaking of water, if I needed a new bathing suit this summer, I’d go for this one from Pinup Girl Clothing.

Retro glam fabulousness.

I’m a little bit in love with the Pyramid Collection’s Battenburg Lace Dress:

I bet this twirls SO WELL.

My Little Pony face hoodies? Yes, please.

Bring out the party cannons!

Spikes and flowers are each cool on their own, but together, they’re AWESOME.


Why are these not on my feet right now?

Locketship’s Neapawlitan collection is full of sheer adorableness. I especially like the headband with ruffles and rhinestones.

So much pretty. Loving the lavender/mint hair, too.

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