Fun with flowers, feathers, and fascinators

This weekend I had a bit of fun doing an impromptu photoshoot with various pretty things. Enjoy!

Dress: purchased at The Big Thrifty

Tank top: Target

Wristbands: Pac Sun and Macy’s

All other jewelry: So Good

My beloved boots, from Hot Topic circa 2000.

Pearls – H&M.

Flower crown – handmade!

Earrings – CoupCoup Designs

Fascinator: So Good

Ring: from a toy store, back in 2000. It’s practically a teenager now…

Headband purchased at Somerville Open Studios – unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the artist. But this headband is an essential step in my plan to become a flapper when I grow up.

Tiny hat : Claire’s. I believe you’re never too old for Claire’s, no matter what people say.

Fascinator: So Good

Cupcake pillow: gifted – it was a birthday present from my then-roommate and her then-boyfriend, now fiance. They know me so well. šŸ™‚

And just for fun, here’s me wearing a My Little Pony sheet (found at Goodwill) as a shawl.

Eventually, I plan to have the sheet made into a skirt by a friend who is a seamstress. How much fun would a MLP skirt be?

All photos by Steve Washington.

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