Friday links and cupcakes

This is an old post, but it brilliantly sums up everything I hate about clothing shopping: Seven Scenes, for a Reason

A great post that clears up misconceptions about Health at Every Size: HAES Matters: The Weight-Neutral Core of the HAES Approach

Internet Calls Girl Fat, and Her Response is…Perfect. I followed Megan Tonjes back to YouTube, and found out that she made John Green cry! It is a small, small internet. I’m a little obsessed with the Vlogbrothers*, and it’s funny to see their section of the internet colliding with the fat-o-sphere.

I was a little less happy to see that most of the videos on Megan’s personal channel are about weight loss. It’s her body, and she has a right to do whatever she wants with it–but it’s still disappointing to come across someone who seems like a kickass unapologetic fatty, only to find that she’s pushing the same old weight-loss paradigm. Blehh.

Cutest video ever: My Dog and My Cat Are Perfect Friends

My favorite response to Ann Marie Slaughter’s recent article in the Atlantic: I DO Want To ‘Have It All,’ Starting With What Women in 178 Countries Have

Just for fun, here are some cupcakes I bought for a friend’s engagement party last weekend:

*For those unaware, John and Hank Green = the Vlogbrothers, a pair of adorably geeky brothers who make videos about EVERYTHING. John is also a YA novelist. He and Hank run a convention called VidCon, where Megan apparently performed a song about John’s latest book, The Fault in Our Stars. Which, btw, you should read. Seriously, go read it. I will wait.

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